Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear NGBs

Don't you think it's too quiet in here? I've always been the annoying bug around here. Let's take turn!!! Please!!!

1. AH PORK restricted her blog to invited reader and I'm not invited. Question: Have I done something wrong? Or Are you doing fine, sweetie? Let's talk!!!

2. AH PE decided to apply for the HK scholarship in the last minute. I'm keeping my finger cross for her. Will you too?

3. AH POCH is damn busy with her hubby. She had a great treatment from her hubby on Women's Day. I'm Jealous! I had a fight with Nak on that day haha...

4. AH NHOR is doing fine. I had a talk with her few days ago. Right Nhor?

5. AH PANG couldn't wait till 5 to leave office. I guess she hates her office a lot hahaha... J/K. She pha me for being online most of the time and not working. I suppose she's jealous with me since she's damn busy over there :P We had a little chat few days ago.

6. AH PAO reminded me of those books I borrowed for copying. Too busy to call me for a dinner. Only call for book. NERD :P

7. BANG THOM is quiet as usual lolz... I can't remember when did I last talk to her hehe...

8. COMMENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Don't be mad if I offended you. Honestly, I'm missing you guys too much. Let's meet!!!