Friday, September 26, 2008


A lil'-lop-lop-kid, once again, exclaimed her wish to be received a gift (had no idea what was wrong with that lil'-lop-lop-kid). Anyhow, what is more lop lop, I, P^o^K P^o^K, and Ah Nhor, together went shopping and yeah, got that lil'-lop-lop-kid gifts. Surprisingly, lil'-lop-lop-kid blushed while taking the gift from us hehe... You know who's that lil'-lop-lop-kid???

GiftsSssSSssssssssss (just the 3 of us, again hehehe...)
One for me, one for ah Nhor, and two for the lil'-lop-lop-kid (how unfair! lolz)

These are gift from ah Nhor. Lovely? Tomorrow, we gonna Kat Kse Bo heuy hehehehe.... (will drink in class in front of our Sanha Sensei haha...)

***NOTE: Each cup got its name. So please refers to its name hehe....

Red cup: Steady (Ah Nhor's)
[Steady doch owner]
Pink cup: Touchy (Ah Pok's)
[No comment cos too perfect haha...]
Yellow cup: Cornie (Ah Pork's)
[Color yab jeang ke, don't you think??? Hahhaa...]